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Nothing beats the adventure of the open road!

Our mission

Nothing beats the thrill of a road trip, driving down endless roads with the windows down and music playing on the radio. Especially in a motorhome, as you have everything you need right there with you. But then why are there 2.4 million motorhomes in Europe standing still for an average of eleven months per year?

Experiencing the freedom of motorhome travel can feel like a faraway dream, given the expensive nature of motorhomes or the hassle of hiring. Goboony was created as a solution to this, a win-win platform that brings motorhome owners in contact with travellers looking to experience #vanlife for themselves. Our mission is to help one million people enjoy the ultimate freedom that only motorhome travel provides by 2025.

Working at Goboony

Goboony is Europe's leading online platform for private motorhome sharing. Because Goboony is growing fast, we are looking for new talents. Our ambition is to let 1 million people experience the freedom of traveling with a motorhome by 2025. Can you help us get that done?

Our team is young, international, enterprising and has great ambitions. Literally every day, we discover new possibilities to bring all those enthusiastic camper owners and travelers together even better, smarter and more fun. We believe it is important to be helpful, friendly and open to each other and to our customers.

Our motto "share the freedom" does not only apply to traveling with the motorhome, it is perhaps the most important value we have, also in the workplace. And besides that hard work, we also ensure that we all have a lot of fun together! Do you recognize yourself in these values ​​and are you ready for adventure? Join Goboony!

Business Developer France
RemoteNetherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht
Business Developer Germany
RemoteNetherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht
Content Marketer Germany / France
RemoteNetherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht
Customer Support Agents NL/BE/FR/UK/DE
RemoteNetherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht
Customer Support Manager France / Germany
RemoteNetherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht
Email Marketer
RemoteNetherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht
Full stack Ruby on Rails Engineer
RemoteNetherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht
Lead UX/UI Designer
RemoteNetherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht
Online Marketer
RemoteNetherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht
RemoteNetherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht
Software Engineering Stage (Internship)
RemoteNetherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht
Support Process Owner
Netherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht

What our team members say

My mission within Goboony is to continue inspiring the world on new ways to travel. The fast paced way of living really infiltrated into so many areas - including how people travelled! It started to be all about how much you can cram into one destination, instead of really enjoying the journey. Campervan travel forces you to take it slower and enjoy the whole experience, while the sharing economy is really paving the way for a more sustainable way of seeing places.

Working at Goboony has great perks

  • Freedom! it’s what we stand for. Freedom to develop your own ideas, freedom to show initiative, take responsibility and develop yourself.

  • A responsible role in an ambitious team, at the forefront of our rapid growth.

  • Remote working with top-notch tooling and our website with in-house development.

  • A couple of camping-working trips with the team each year.

  • A young and international team.

  • Take a camper of your choosing from our platform and go for a trip yourself.

  • We do not count holidays. We believe in responsibility for your job, your private life and a healthy combination of both. We advise to take at least 25 days. But you are free to plan your work and free time how it suits you.

  • Plenty of opportunity for personal growth and development.